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Negative Space… Spice for Logo Design!

November 9, 2016

I stumbled on these share-worthy logos while browsing through Pinterest. They all have one thing in common; witty use of negative space to add meaning.


Not only that, they make the brand more memorable. The negative shapes are an optical illusion and visual pun. Many people are intrigued by illusion. It holds their attention and makes them think. In some cases it draws a smile. The black and white palette is as basic as they come, but also extremely eye-catching and highly versatile in brand ID. I particularly like the top one - just for the purity, legibility and simplicity of the negative space.








Designer credits: All from Pinterest pointing to logopond.com users. Ed's Electric by Siah-Design, City Direct by Locomotive and Food Wine by Mechax. Copyright belongs to aforementioned designers.



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