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Portrait Process and Terms




Here's how it works.


1. Choose your product then inform the artist (BG), or make a basic order in the Etsy shop.

Please say before ordering if you have a deadline shorter than 2 weeks or if non-UK. (For non-UK orders there may be an extra P&P charge.


2. Manual order- BG will email you requesting the 50% upfront deposit and send you an email of the terms (below). You then reply 'I agree' to the terms and pay 50%.

    Etsy buyers- read and agree to terms which are part of the Etsy listing. By placing your order you will have paid the full amount.


3. Reference. You provide me with copies of 5 of your favourite photos of the subject, preferably digital. It is essential that these are clear images and a good likeness of the person. Equally, you must ensure you love the pose/expressions on them as this is all I have to work with.


4. Clarify:

a) what is the eye colour?

b) any special requests (background colour etc.)

Alternatively, you may prefer to trust the artist's instincts.


5. Creation. Once payment has cleared the portrait will be drawn.


6. Proof. Emailed to you. Once approved by you, any outstanding balance is paid before I arrange to print.


7. Printing. The order is sent to the printers to be delivered directly to you (unless you have ordered a special package deal).


8. Hang it up or wrap it up :)




Terms are similar to that of a photographer.

By commissioning a BG portrait you agree to the following:



- A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upfront when the order is placed, with the remaining 50% required upon approval before I order the print.

Copyright and future prints.

- All copyright remains with the artist and future print runs of the art are purchased solely through them.


Data / Safeguarding.

- This is taken seriously for the privacy of you and the subject. The image I create may be used for promotion of BG Portraits unless you tell me otherwise. I will not publish names and if the sample contains text it is changed to pseudo names/dates.


- Contact information will not be shared. BG Portraits may email you 4 times per year about special offers. You can request to be unsubscribed at any time.



- BG portraits are heavily stylised, not photographic likenesses. You have commissioned a colourful pop-art style and agree to trust the artist's interpretation based on previous work and you have seen.

Once I email you the proof you may ask me to make a small revision. If I think this will take longer than 1 hour (a major revision) I will let you know. Major revisions will be charged at the artist's hourly rate.


     Brother Grimwood portraits are hand drawn using a digital tablet and pen. This tool allows the same fluid process as drawing on paper, requiring the skill and creativity of manual drawing, only the ink shows up on the screen. A close look at a portrait reveals that it is not a photoshop effect applied on to a photo. It is drawn freehand.




     My tablet paintings allow multiple and flexible quality prints for family and friends and take less time, and therefore cost, than me doing a traditional painting of this style. This is because the layers of digital paint do not need to dry.


     As you would expect each portrait design is individually signed and printed using archival ink for long life. Canvas prints are popular, however, the printing options are vast. If you have something particular in mind which isn't listed just ask.


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