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These editorial illustrations were published in UK parenting magazine 'Junior'. Most appeared in the Q&A sections 'Natural Parenting', 'Health', 'Development' and 'Education'.

These images show the final product, the Midwife picture was used in the Reader's Digest 'RD Challenge' section, the photos are of my Junior Magazine illustrations and the others are mock-ups of personal work.


- Article about whale babies

- 'Toy Soldiers': Hard hitting article about Liberian child soldiers

- Women's Liberation: 1950's - 1980's

- Divorce rates in the USA

- Teachers Magazine: Healthy eating in primary and secondary schools


- 'Time Is Running Out' Spot Illustration.


- Optimistic Images:

'Rain Rain Come Again'

'Glass Half Full'

Used in Orange's 'Optimistic Images' bank of advertising illustrations.


- 1p Text Saver Billboard Design:

Version 1- Penny sweets as text icons

Version 2- Spend a penny!


- Orange Spot: 'Call Us'

Horlicks Catch Some Zzzz: Insomniac weeble, man counting sheep & a wide-awake sloth


Bathtime Presents... Lush


Various Products re-imagined. I re-designed the 'Bird's' custard logo for this one.


HSBC Does the Rubik's cube suit her?


Tetley. From a hippy themed competition brief.


Brylcreem, I created this tongue in cheek campaign for a brief to sell Brylcreem to a younger audience


Transport For London Poster. My take on 'Open Spaces by Bus, Tube or River' TFL competition.


Liquor Makes You...

Student Alcohol Awareness

Brief: Without preaching, encourage students to re-think binge drinking. I came up with 4 reasons not to binge drink & made them rhyme with liquor.


Funk Poster

Spike Milligan Poem


'Moulds in my House' For a short story about student digs


Various Fixings Packets: 'Pan Head', 'Flat Head Slot' & 'Split-Less'

Sooty, Sweep and Matthew.

1990's Sooty as I remember it. Macabre illustrated cardboard cut-out coffin designs. Naughty Sooty!


F.R.O.G Hoodie Design

Mascot and hoodie designed for a church youth group. FROG is an acronym for 'Fully Rely on God'. The wrist bands are popular amongst some church teens (similar to WWJD bands). This little guy needs to wear it as a belt though!


Slinky Tortoise

Concept t-shirt for 'threadless.com'


Japan Tee

Concept t-shirt for 'threadless.com' using elements from one of my editorial illustrations


Debenhams Boyswear Collection

1: Ideas sheet showing possible image styles

2: Mock-up of t-shirt with velcro identikit interchangeable strips

3: Final illustrations fully rendered and ready to be re-arranged on the final t-shirt

Tentacle Moustache Boy


Fireworks. Don't do this


Let's Face It (Zoom). Self-promotional illustration

All Day Breakfast: Sign for catering establishments


Mother's Day Father's Day: Used as cardboard cut-outs for shop interiors, leaflets, press adverts and shop window stickers.