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I design posters for any purpose. See advertising illustrations for billboards and print in my illustration portfolio.


From the showreel:

> Exeter College Celebrate Equality & Diversity: Can you get more opposite bottle contents than these?

> Poster for 'Pregnancy Crisis' charity

> Gospel Choir concert at Norwich Cathedral

> B.O.B Gatesbridge. I created the logo and poster for this event, using a simple and slightly retro style; influenced by old mix tapes.

> Poster for BSNM Conference. I chose inverted stars and owl's eyes to illustrate the 'Night Vision' theme.

> Made-up funk gig poster.


A selection of fliers, many for NYFC youth events. However, I can produce postcards of different styles for adverts and events targeting all ages and categories.


I produce colour & B/W versions of all logos.


From the showreel:


> Logo for MCMZ Services

Brief: Create logo ideas for property maintenance company MCMZ for use on paperwork, business cards, website, vehicles and advertising. Logo in the form of 'MC' on top of 'MZ'. Include an image or symbol relating to tools.


> A selection of logos, many for NYFC youth work charity. However, I can produce logos of different styles to match any company's ethos and branding. If your company does not have a branding style, we can chat and I can create one to suit your needs.


>Logo for Stacey Lee Counselling

Brief: To create an optimistic logo possibly using nature (butterfly, flowers etc). I approached this project with speech mark shapes present in each idea as a reference to counselling conversation.







I design leaflets for many purposes including informative and advertising.


From the showreel:

> Informative leaflet for Pregnancy Crisis Norfolk

> Leaflet for Cooper Lomaz Recruitment


Packaging Design


Illustrated are bags for fixing types: 'Pan Head', 'Flat Head Slot' and 'Split-Less'.

{More packaging illustrations in my illustration portfolio}

I love coming up with advertising concepts, feel free to get in touch for help to make your brand stand out and generate a smile or two. Philosopher Dan Dennett observed: 


"The reason why many advertising and marketing experts suggest you do use humor, is because it's fundamental to forming positive relationships. We buy from people we like, and humor is the easiest and fastest way to get there"

I design for events including partys, weddings, concerts and christenings. I also design order of service, 'save the date' leaflets and other event graphics.


From the showreel:

> Invitation for a wedding using flowers from the ceremony. Also a thank you card following the same wedding. Photographs taken by Alisa Foytik (www.alisafoytik.com)


> Invitation for a 'C' themed birthday party. The client wanted it to look like a 1990's rave poster in the 'pop art' style.


> Wedding invitation including the Erskine clan crest and Erskine tartan. The heart shaped cloud was added to the sky.


As well as web images, I design backgrounds for powerpoint, DVD menus, web and desktop wallpapers.


From the showreel:


> Web concept design for 'iHope'

> Two of the extra buttons: the text backgrounds highlighting the concepts of 'share' and 'write'

> The web form page for 'iHope'- users submit their hopes

> Web banner photo and logo montage for top of NYFC website


For all of your book and cd cover need please get in touch. I also design album art for digital music and podcast identities. 


From the showreel:


> Fold-up cardboard CD cover for NYFC Gospel Choir. The brief was to only use black and white for the disc print to fit budget.

> Book cover for a study on 'Wit in Illustration', and how it has the ear worm effect. Offset screen print style

> {Self promotional} Cover for an optimistic quotes book. Adapted from advertising images for Orange (see illustration portfolio)



Want custom or hand drawn text? I can help.


From the showreel:


> Flier For Youth Event. Brief: Use hand drawn lettering like doodles in a teenager's school book.

> Brylcreem Advert: This example uses custom text I have drawn and digitised to create a scalable vector SVG file.

> Microlds. Screen printing effect applied from hand made print textures on hand made text.

> Book Cover Text: From a book cover design for 'The Art Book'.

> Accessible Mascot. Text with accessible mascot character- capable of licking his elbow and touching his toes without bending.



I also do...


Character Design


Character design is one of my specialities, for many more examples select my illustration portfolio.


Retouching, Photoshopping or Airbrushing


I am able to seamlessly edit photos and graphics by adding new elements (like the logo and text on the example with the boys painting 'Thank You'). I can also retouch and remove undesirable elements from photos. If you want your face merged into a meerkat's face, or on your favourite album cover, just ask!


Icon Design


The animal icons in the showreel were designed for a zoo map. I will create any icon required as a fully scalable vector image for any use (stickers, logos, merchandise, clothing etc). Realistic, stylised or silhouettes. For more examples of my stylised vector images see my illustration portfolio.




These toilet signs (or restroom for US visitors) were designed to be simple and clear. I thought about not including text on but chose the safe option to avoid mistaken journeys through the wrong door!

See illustrated point of sale signs in my illustration portfolio.


Business Pitch


I produced this on placement with 'Odd Design', London.

I was given the plain text for this collaboration between Fleming Media and the Science Museum with the brief of 'bringing it to life'.


Business cards


For a professional business card design please get in touch.